Baking a bear cake

Baking a bear cake

Today we did a bit of baking. James requested a bear cake. We’ve made one previously, just once, and he loved nibbling on it for a few days afterwards. I actually wanted to use up the fruit we’ve got going on the turn in the fridge, but a bear cake doesn’t really allow for much fruit! So using that up will have to be a plan for tomorrow, I think.

baking a bear cake babyfoote

So, we chucked the ingredients in the bowl, and James excitedly began to mix the ingredients with his spoon and spatula.

James is quite a pro at baking now, having helped me several times, and also he regularly makes them at nursery.

Mixing in the egg

The final step in the procedure of baking is usually picking James up for a cuddle while I get the electric whisk out of the cupboard. James then helps me plug the whisks in, and then shrieks hysterically until the whisk starts, then he says, “Oh!” and is quiet until the mixing is over with. Today this all happened, true to form, and then James commented that the whisk is, “Very, very noisy”.

So, off to play with a train for ten minutes…

The bear cake!

This is the end result! A vanilla sponge cake.


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