Amazing Pages – Personalised Book – review

We were given the chance to try the Amazing Pages personalised books last week.
The books are brilliant little stories that can be personalised with or without a photo. You simply upload a photo and answer a few questions about your child, and a few days later the beautiful little book arrives on your mat.

With Amazing Pages you can create a beautiful personalised book in which they become the star of the story — the perfect gift, and a fantastic way to fire their imagination.

I found the ordering process to be really simple. You are asked to upload a photo. A little bit of guidance about the perfect photo is provided on their website, and I uploaded this one.

courseulles sur mer festival of the sea balloon image for amazing pages

I picked it because it’s front facing, and I didn’t think it was too shaded in the face.  I imagine that shadows might play a bit of havoc with the personalisation aspect, though you can actually email your photo beforehand and it will be checked for suitability for you.  Here’s how his photo appears in the book:

amazing pages review

You can also order the book with cartoon people instead of using a photo, and you can customise the character with skin tone, hairstyle, etc.

During Noah’s nap time the other day, this book arrived. I opened it up while James was in the bathroom, and when he came back, and spotted the front cover, his face was such a picture. I wish sometimes I constantly wore a GoPro, because I am going to forget lovely memories like these some day. He was amazed that he was in a book.

We settled down straight away to read the story, and he continued to be astonished by the revelation in the first few pages that the James in the story is definitely him because he lives in our town too!

amazing pages story book review personalised picture

You can pick from three stories at the moment. I chose James and the Lazy Llama, which is for boys or girls under the age of 5.

The book is very professional soft cover, and the pages are a nice thickness to them.

I wish I had known that the ‘optional’ personal message was going to be pretty obvious if I left it blank. “Oh look, a colouring page!” James said, excitedly.  So, um, yes, here’s a tip – write something there!  You are given a guideline as to a good message; I should’ve at least copied that.

daddy foote and James read the amazing pages book together

It is absolutely no stretch of the truth when I tell you James was so besotted with this book -“Me! In a book!” – that he insisted on hearing it as his bedtime story and having it in his bed while he slept.
So, there you go, what better accolade than that?!

I think a copy of an Amazing Pages personalised book would make a great gift at any time of year for a child aged up to 7.
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Amazing Pages Personalised Book Giveaway

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    • December 7, 2015 / 9:44 pm

      I know! Imagine if he could read a blog all about his life! Insane!

    • Louise Clarke
      December 10, 2015 / 2:05 am

      what a great book

      • December 10, 2015 / 10:58 am

        It’s pretty cool, isn’t it Louise?!

        • Louise Clarke
          December 10, 2015 / 4:15 pm

          I’m really impressed

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