Allergy testing – citrus

Allergy testing – citrus

Today has been a pretty busy day! We took James for allergy testing this morning.


When we were in Mexico in June, he got a terrible rash on his face that looked like a burn. He’d had a slight colouring to his cheek for a while, that I had put down to teething (what doesn’t get blamed on teething?!) but by the second day of being in Mexico, after delicious fresh juice for breakfast, the mess on his face was not something that could be ignored. So we went to the hospital.

You can see that his face looked really sore. He couldn’t leave it alone, either, so his fingers were making it worse, I guess.

The doctor we saw in the Mexican hospital was a dermatologist who diagnosed a citrus allergy immediately. I had also a rash on my stomach and shoulder, which she said was also due to the same issue. My stomach was so sore it had actually blistered, which the dermatologist popped. Yuck!

Anyway, since then we’ve avoided citrus as much as we can. Our GP made a referral for us to see the allergy consultant a while ago, and last time they were very interested in the tale! Today was a follow-up session, which included a skin prick test.

James showed no reaction at all to the orange juice or smoothie being pricked into his arm. So they took blood from his hand, in a frightening and horrible process that resulted in him crying that his hand hurt for quite a while. They’d put ‘magic cream’ on his hand before the blood was taken, but I think it was actually on a different part of his hand. Poor little guy. They’ll test the blood for reactions and we’ll get the results next week.

Until then, we still have to avoid citrus, but I’m hopeful the blood test will come back negative. An allergy is not something I want him to have to deal with!


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