A family escape in the south of Sicily

A family escape in the south of Sicily

Sicily is the perfect place to take a family holiday. It has beautiful beaches, rich history, amazing food, and breathtaking art and architecture. It also has great natural parks, water parks, and fun things for the whole family! One of the best ways to enjoy the island is to rent a self-catering accommodation in Sicily that you can easily find on sites like WishSicily.com from where you can take day trips and enjoy exploring the island without being stuck in a hotel room. 

explore the island of sicily
One of your main stops should be in the capital of Palermo. You cannot find the vibrant mix of Greek, Roman, and medieval architecture anywhere else in the world. For the kids there are incredible puppet theaters which have a long standing tradition in Sicily. Although the plays are in Italian they are still a treat for the kids and parents alike.

One of the best things to do with the family on a Sicilian vacation is to visit the Madonie National park east of Palermo. Here you can take on the rope courses and zip lines through the beautiful forest. The kids will be occupied by the activities and the parents can make a nice picnic in the park. It is also a great place for mountain biking, hiking, and even horse riding.

fantastic beaches to explore on the island of sicily
The islands beaches are a great place for the family to learn how to snorkel and enjoy the incredibly clear water of Sicily. There is also a great water park for the hot summer days called Etnaland on the east coast of the island. The whole family can enjoy the water slides and rides to cool off.

Taormina, one of the more touristy spots in Sicily, is still a great place to see with your family. You can take a cable car ride from the beach up to explore the ancient ruins at the top of hill and enjoy some of the most spectacular views you will ever see. Mt. Etna, the active volcano, is clearly visible from the town making it a great place to wander around and explore. You will never find a place as magical and diverse as Sicily, it is a must see destination for any vacation!


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