A Day out with Stagecoach #bloggersonthebus

A Day out with Stagecoach #bloggersonthebus

Lately I’ve been trying to use the car fewer times in the week, and aiming to use public transport more often. Stagecoach’s new app is helping me do just that. The app makes it easy to find Stagecoach bus stops nearby, and see when the next bus is coming, in real time. It’s also possible to buy your ticket up to 3 months in advance and hold it within the app for a future bus ride.

Thanks to Stagecoach and Mediaworks who provided a fantastic evening of entertainment and cocktails at Jalou, as well as an awesome goodie bag, in exchange for this post.

We decided on a day out in Newcastle using the Stagecoach app. The app helps you plan your journey in advance, and can even help you find the nearest bus stop and route.

For our day out using the new Stagecoach app, we were able to buy the ticket for the bus in advance. It works really well; you simply create an account, verify your email, and then click through to buy a ticket. You can buy a day pass using PayPal or any bank card, and it holds the ticket in your phone for up to 3 months so you can have an emergency day pass if you like. After the 3 months it will expire, but you won’t be refunded.

You need to have power on your phone in order to show the driver the screen with your prepaid ticket on. There are power sockets on lots of buses, and free wifi, so you’ll be sorted when you’re on board so long as you’ve got that little bit of juice to get on the bus!

We had a small problem with the app finding our location. I had hoped that James would be able to use the map to tell me which way to go to find the bus stop. But unfortunately it couldn’t get a fix on our location. Usually when that little searching beacon occurs on the spot on the map you just have to rotate your phone in a figure of eight but I couldn’t get it to fix. No matter – I knew where I was going really! These screenshots were taken when we were sitting down at the bus stop, so you can see it wasn’t super helpful if I had actually needed it.

On the bus we were able to download an app to keep James busy, while Noah napped in preparation for his day out in Newcastle.

We went to the fantastic under-5s play area in the Laing Art Gallery. This is a free space where children can play tea parties, read books, dress up, and generally just be kids!

There is a separate area for crafting, and it’s right next door to the cafe. Next door there is an exhibition called Northern Spirit, which is good to discover with children, because there are lots of local landmarks to spot. There are also things to touch, spin, and consider.

Our brilliant day out was inspired by the Stagecoach app, which is free to download on iOS and Android App Store.



  1. March 1, 2017 / 10:02 am

    Sounds like a fun day out. Haven’t been to Laing for a while-the girls loved it when they were little. Stagecoach buses dont’ serve my area though!

    • babyfoote
      March 3, 2017 / 11:30 pm

      You never know when you could use this information. Your brain will squirrel it away until one day when you’re short of cash and lost in Newcastle this Stagecoach app will come to your rescue….
      Or something. Hopefully not!!!

  2. March 4, 2017 / 7:30 am

    Love the pics in this post. It’s great that you can buy tickets online now, I’m terrible for not having cash on me.

  3. March 5, 2017 / 5:27 pm

    wow I have not been on a bus for years. I never knew there was a stage coach app and the thought of having plug sockets and wifi on board has just blown my mind. Perhaps I should take my boys on a stage coach trip next Friday so see what it’s all about. #daysoutwithatoddler

  4. March 8, 2017 / 3:17 pm

    Looks like a really fun day out. Going to have a look and see if there’s anything similar we could do here. My little lady LOVES riding the bus!

  5. March 9, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    I love the idea of the Stagecoach app. I never have cash on me, so this could be super useful. My son is at the age where a ride on a bus would be just about the most exciting thing he could imagine. In fact, this post has given me a great idea for our next day out! Also, love the idea of the Laing Art Gallery, I love it when galleries and museums have loads of hands on stuff for children. #daysoutwithatoddler

  6. March 9, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    Looks like you had a great day out. Going by a different form of transport such as a bus or train, makes a day out more of an adventure for kids.

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