A Christmas Craft – Footprint Trees

A Christmas Craft – Footprint Trees

This is a really easy activity to do with your baby or toddler.  Making painty footprints or hand prints into Christmas themed items is super easy, messy and fun!

First of all, I completely advocate having a huge mat down, or, if you can, taking up carpets. Also, run a bath. By the time you’ve finished your painting, the bath will be cool and ready to jump in.

Very simply, I put a load of pieces of paper or card in front of James, along with some tubs of non-toxic paint, and initially showed him how to stamp! on the paper or squish! his hands on to the card.

hand print foot print christmas craft

After a while I just sat back to let him free style it with the paper and paint.

painty baby christmas craft

Because I wanted to make Christmas cards and tags for presents from these hand prints and footprints, I gave James some photo paper, too.  These prints take longer to dry, because of the shiny nature of the paper, but they look pretty good when they have!

painty baby christmas activity

When they were dry I drew baubles and trees around the prints. I used a permanent fine liner so that the ink wouldn’t smudge, especially on the photo paper prints.

christmas craft finished trees and baubles

Have you ever tried hand prints and footprint crafts with your little ones? What did you make?

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