8 things to see and do in Finistere, Brittany with kids

8 things to see and do in Finistere, Brittany with kids

We absolutely loved our visit to northern Finistere in Brittany, France. Here’s a small selection of places to explore in the region with the kids!


Les abers dunes de sainte marguerite view of sea with kites being flown on the beach

1. Les Abers

‘Abers’ are, apparently, mouths of the river into the sea, and Les Abers is a beautiful region of Brittany where there are lots of rivers ending and pouring into the Channel. While in Les Abers, we visited the Dunes of Sainte-Marguerite for a wonderful explore of the sandy shores there.

Fish swimming in aquarium at the oceanopolis in Brest

2. Oceanopolis

The Oceanopolis is a massive aquarium with three sections showcasing various climates from across the world – Tropical, Temperate and Polar. We spent the best part of a day here looking at the marine wildlife, and there is plenty to see including seals, 7 species of shark and 3 types of penguin.

Sheep on ushant island northern Finistere Brittany

3. Ushant and Molene islands

Another day trip would be to visit Ushant or Molene islands. Ushant marks the entrance to the Channel, and also houses the enormous lighthouse which shines a beam for 80 miles around. Oussant (French for Ushant) is also known for its indigenous sheep. There are many wrecks in the water here, and you can see on the island the tradition of a wax marker for those lost at sea.

Tour de tanguy Finistere Brittany

4. Tour de Tanguy in Brest

The Tanguy Tower in Brest is less of a day trip, and more of a 30 minute activity, but if you like it, as James did, you might visit a few times in a row! The tower overlooks the harbour and marine base in Brest, so you can also see marine helicopters and giant battleships if you walk along the promenade and cross the bridge nearby. Inside the tower are dioramas of the history of the village and then town of Brest, as well as posters and little artefacts like cannon balls and other historical items. It’s free, and the dioramas are worth a look if you’re in the area.

Toddler brushing a pony

5. Poney Club du Bout du Monde in Landunvez

The Poney Club in Landunvez operates every Tuesday and Friday in the summertime, at 5:30pm. The session is for children aged 3-6. The children prepare their ponies and then go for a short ride (led by an adult). The Club lasts for one hour and costs €14.

Chateau de Kergroadez in northern Finistere Brittany

6. Château de Kergroadez

We loved visiting château de Kergroadez, not least because there was a nice energy about the place, without stuffy queues of people shuffling past ropes and signs saying “do not touch”. Children can try on the knight’s helmet (with assistance from the staff) and learn about the history of the area in an accessible, engaging way.

7. La Récré des Trois Curés in Milizec

If you love theme parks, la Récré des 3 Curés is the place for you. It has a huge variety of rides, from the traditional chair swing rides, to the Niagara water ride; this place has something for everyone. There’s a water area too, so bring your swimming trunks!

Tales of legends storytelling walk in Brittany

8. Tales and legends storytelling walk for children in the Arrée Hills

This is a lovely activity for children aged around 2-6 with singing and walking through the woodlands around Botmeur in the Arrée Hills. Puppets and nature are used to tell tales of pixies and wolves, and other creatures.

Have you been to Finistere in Brittany with kids? Do you have any places to add to this list?


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