6 things I did this week that made me happy

6 things I did this week that made me happy

This past week I’ve been trying to act a bit more for me, and not just about the boys. As much as I love them, I think it’s easy to slip into mum-mode and miss that part of me that’s made me ‘me’ for all these years. So I’ve chronicled the things that made me happy this week.

I increased my hours at work!

office laptop coffee and notebook
That might seem like it would have the opposite effect and make me unhappy, but I’m so pleased! I’m now working full time hours in four days, and they are loooong days. But, it is making me feel like I can actually do my job, and not hand it over to someone else on a Wednesday evening. I can finish projects, engage with more people, and already I feel more useful at work.

I spent money

I bought a new phone case

For a long while I’ve had a broken case that I’ve had to sellotape together! I feel like I’ve been putting up with it, as though I’m not worth the tenner a new case costs. So, I just ordered this fancy new case, and my phone has had a beautiful makeover! This iPhone 6 Plus case is really sturdy, and costs £10.99 (down from £20.99 at the moment – affiliate link).

I bought new shoes!

I’ve struggled for about 5 years with grotty feet. More on that later this week when I’ll be reviewing Canespro fungal nail treatment. I blame James entirely, because it was definitely a side effect of pregnancy, but since then I’ve been wearing the same shoes! How could I expect my feet and nails to clear up when I was putting them in the same grotty shoes?! I don’t know but I was literally wearing shoes till they wore away completely.

All that needed to change and I hit the shops! I found 3 new pairs of shoes – mainly work shoes, and today my feet have been super comfy and so much better than they were in my previous rotten shoes! The shoes above cost £22 and are Clarks – available via Amazon (affiliate link). I also bought a new pair of Rocket Dogs; without doubt the comfiest pumps ever!

I prioritised outdoor time

get outdoors at lunchtime

Doing extra long days at work I don’t really have too much time for a long lunch break. So I’ve been making my half-hour work for me by changing into trainers and speed walking around the grounds at work. I’m really enjoying walking in the outdoors. It has refreshed my mind, and got my muscles working in a much better way. Resetting my neck and spine has been really welcomed! I’ve felt much better when I’ve sat back and my desk and my afternoons have been much easier.

I went on a date!

tynemouth beach
Rob and I managed to get out for a date night this week! My parents were able to sit for us and we hit the pubs of Tynemouth together and without children! We managed to avoid talking about potties, or LEGO, or any of the usual conversations we as parents seem to get hooked into. It was a very welcome change.

Even better was that I got to try some new bars, and visit old favourites. We bumped into friends and I caught up on loads of adult conversation. Hopefully something Rob and I can do again soon.

I made plans for next week

I already have some fab things to look forward to this week, including swimming, and drinking wine with an old friend. I also borrowed a book from a friend (Zadie Smith’s Swing Time – it was Mumsnet’s Book Club book for July and is only about a fiver on Amazon now – affiliate link), and hope to start on that soon.

What are you doing this week to make you happy? Do let me know; I might like to do them too!



  1. August 7, 2017 / 9:27 pm

    Love the shoes! My plan this week is to do some home baking – I haven’t done any for a while and it’s something that always makes me happy 🙂

    • babyfoote
      August 7, 2017 / 9:36 pm

      I love baking too, and the subsequent eating of the baked goods! Thanks; I’ll pop that on the list for next week, I think!

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