5 things you should know about dental implant treatment in Hungary

5 things you should know about dental implant treatment in Hungary

Over the last few years medical tourism has become one of the most rapidly growing business in the world. International patients decide to undergo medical treatment at overseas clinics due to various reasons such as pocket-friendly prices, no waiting lists or simply the desire to explore new and amazing places and improve their health while staying abroad.
I’m sure you or members of your family know someone who has spent their vacations or a few days in Bulgaria (we did) or visited amazing Hungary. The latter has been the favourite vacation and health destination for thousands of international patients over the last few decades. Hungary has over 1200 water springs and 385 cities with thermal spas. However, do you know that this country probably has the highest number of dental centres per capita? You will be surprised, but the vast majority of patients who undergo dental implant treatment in Hungary are international tourists, mainly from the UK , Ireland, Scandinavian countries or Germany.

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If you are considering undergoing restorative procedures abroad (you might want to read more in an article Cheapest dental implants in Europe) Hungary should be the destination of your choice. Hungarian dentists that treat international patients say that they believe they offer more than just bespoke restorative procedures. You will not only be offered top quality services like implant or root treatment, oral surgery or modern dentures, but also complete travel assistance. International patients, who can save up to 80% on their dental bills, can expect professional help in anything they need or wish. Professional administrators at reputable Hungarian clinics will arrange anything to meet their clients’ expectations, such as opera tickets, leisure activities or tours.

On the dental fields Hungarian clinics use the latest technologies and dental materials from only well-recognised manufacturers, such as Alpha-Bio Tec™, Straumann, IHDE Implant, Mozo-Grau SL and others. All staff are highly-qualified and speak English fluently, so you can be sure that you will get top-notch dental care and service.

Once you decide to improve your dental health at Hungarian dental clinics, here are a few things you should remember:

  • before going abroad, do your research on the dental treatment you need to discuss it with the Hungarian dentists or oral surgeons;
  • you have the right to know every detail of your treatment and express any concerns you might have;
    bring with you a copy of your dental records;
  • you can pay with a card or cash. In Hungary some dental clinics accept British pounds or Euros. Before you start your journey, check what payment method is accepted by the clinic of your choice;
  • ask the clinic you chose whether they give a warranty letter or guarantee for dental implants. The vast majority of international patients are satisfied with the treatment they get, and over 60% of them (or their family members) come back for more dental procedures. However, you can never have too much knowledge.
  • Dentistry has a long history in this amazing country. Now more than 40% of international patients choose Hungary as their preferred dental destination, as they know they can save up to 80% and get professional dental services.


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