30th wedding anniversary gift ideas

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas

This is a public service announcement; if you are in your late twenties/early thirties, and your parents are in their fifties, and in their first marriage, there’s a very good chance you need to buy them a 30th wedding anniversary present soon! The 30th wedding anniversary is known as the pearl anniversary, which means traditionally you give a pearl-themed gift. I’ve scoured the web for the best 30th wedding anniversary gifts to celebrate three decades of love, marriage, and friendship.

The theme of pearl need not restrict you — you don’t need to buy pearl necklaces for the 30th wedding anniversary present (unless you want to!) There are loads of options for gifts for people who’ve been married for 30 years. How about tasty food gifts, personalised artwork, or even pearl-effect wine glasses. Or you could leave pearls behind altogether and opt for a beautiful grow-your-own tree gift.

cheese board 30th wedding anniversary gift idea

Say cheese!
Cheese is great at any opportunity but to celebrate a wedding anniversary it is perfect (especially if you get to eat it with the couple!). Try this creamy cheese and champagne hamper set from The Cheese Works (£79.95), or this popular cheese selection, including the Welsh Perl Las (blue pearl), from the East London Cheese Board shop (£25.00)

lsa pearl wine glasses

What goes perfectly with cheese? Well, lots of things, like good crusty bread, olives, salami… But also wine! You could try one of these vintage drinks, each of them 30 years old (or aged for 30 years) from Vintage Wine Gifts (£40 – £100), a duo of premier wines in a presentation box from Virgin Wines (£54.99), or these pearl wine glasses from Red Candy. The mouth-blown glass has been individually hand-painted with a sheer mother of pearl lustre, and they are absolutely beautiful (£38.00 for a set of four).

Myrtle tree
The Myrtle plant is also known as the Tree of Love, which makes a great present for people who enjoy gardening or having some greenery around the house. It is a great topiary plant, and you often see them clipped into balls on their long woody stalk. The leaves smell great and can be used in cooking. Buy a myrtle plant from Amazon here (£6.79), here from Blooming Direct (£19.99 for two plants), or here from The Present Tree (£45.00)

railway poster artwork whitley bay 30th anniversary gift idea

Where did the couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary meet? What about a map of the place from Maps International? We love the well-printed personalised maps. They are striking and look great in any home (£25 – £360). If your couple is a Geordie pair, especially if they’ve moved away from the area, what about a railway poster of Newcastle’s favourite beach – Whitley Bay from King and McGaw (£15 -£50 — other locations are available).

Some ideas for 30th wedding anniversary gifts here; congratulations to the happy couple!


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