9 of the best Apple Watch apps to help busy parents

9 of the best Apple Watch apps to help busy parents

Did you get an Apple Watch for Christmas and are wondering how to make it work to your advantage as a busy parent? These apps for Apple Watches are great for organising the family and bringing some peace to your day, among many other things. Here is my pick of the best 9 iOS apps for parents. They all offer an Apple Watch App when you download them to your iPhone (though honestly, they’re brilliant apps for parents even without the Apple Watch).

Best apps for parents on Apple Watch


For some reason Apple didn’t include a calculator in their native apps for Apple Watch, so Calcbot is a handy little app that does exactly what you think it will do – yes – it’s a calculator. Useful for parents who need to divide up pocket money, or work out sums when you just.can’t.think. because there’s a toddler hanging off your leg.


The remote camera on your Apple Watch allows you to use the Watch’s display as a viewfinder and shutter button for your iPhone. It has a remote timer, so you can put it down somewhere if you want to make an interesting selfie, or snap a photo of you playing with the kids (because whose husband actually remembers to take photos of you with the children? And of course you take billions of them…).
Also good is Camera+ as it has timers of different lengths on the Apple Watch. The iPhone and iPad version allows you to apply so many brilliant filters and integrates with the Apple Watch.


This sends you a reminder to take a minute to breathe. It pulses on to your skin to help you relax (something about mimicking the feeling a newborn has when hearing its mother’s heartbeat). This is a good app if you have got a pre-schooler because they can do the breathing with you (though you can’t share the haptics (touch pulse), though they can enjoy the flower and feel the benefits of deep, relaxing breathing.


This app for Apple Watch helps you achieve the tasks you really want to. Select 6 from the hundreds of icons on the iPhone and they’ll appear in the Watch face. Read more, eat more veggies or take one photo per day (project 365 anyone?) are some of the reminders it can offer. You should aim to hit targets for a streak of consecutive days. A competition with yourself.


Evernote is a fantastic note-taking app which saves photos, text, voice notes, and much more. On Apple Watch you can set reminders and tick tasks off easily. You can also dictate new notes into the Apple Watch. Everything syncs with your iPhone or Mac automatically.

Pennies – personal money, budget and finance manager

Pennies helps you to stick to a budget by keeping track of all the little purchases you make through the week. Colour indicators let you see at a glance if you’re on track with your spending or need to slow down on the shopping spree.


This is an awesome app that you use to create a shopping list. Everyone in the household has a copy of the app, and when they add something to the list, it appears on all devices. The brilliant part of this Apple App is that it alerts everyone when one of you is close to a grocery store. So if there’s something you forgot to add to the list and your partner is next to the supermarket, you can quickly add it. Likewise, if you pass by a shop and others have something on the list, it will alert you that you’re near a store and you have things on your list. Genius. It’ll make the top up shops quicker, and stops those occasions when both of you buy milk (yeah, that happens here too).

Green Kitchen

Dozens of mouth-watering vegetarian recipes in this digital cookbook. It’s an easy to use app, with useful settings, such as marking them as favourites. On the Apple Watch you can set a timer during cooking, and see at a glance the steps of the recipe.


On the Apple Watch, it shows a shorter feed of people you’ve chosen to receive notifications about (you can change these in the iPhone app). If you want you could just follow your partner via notifications, and so you can see updates of your little one through the day while you’re at work, for example. Swipe through photos, to view or like them, and see recent comments and likes on your photos. You can also reply to posts with emoji.

Which Apple Apps do you swear by as a busy parent? Is there an iOS app I’ve missed off that I shouldn’t be without? Do let me know in the comments!



  1. January 26, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    I don’t have an Apple Watch but I’ll have to share this with Papa G!

    • babyfoote
      January 26, 2017 / 9:21 pm

      The one you might love the most is that Capitan app, because seriously, not coming home to shopping that I’ve also picked up on the way home is AWESOME.

      • January 27, 2017 / 5:08 pm

        Yeah I’m going to download those now!

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